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  • Only Jesus: Sung by Casting Crowns

    What Kind of Legacy are You Leaving?

    Sometimes we are concerned about what type of legacy we are going to leave behind for our family members and friends.  Maybe we think about it in financial terms, such as leaving an inheritance for our children or grandchildren.  Other times we may think about what kind of world we are leaving behind, based on how much or how little we have worked to bring about positive impacts or changes in our neighborhoods, communities, churches, workplaces,etc.

    And then there is that spiritual legacy that we hope and pray is helping to change the lives of those we have contact with.  We add our prayers, worship, testimonies of what God has done, good works, love, compassion, and much more into a mix that leaves people knowing that we are different.  And we hope that people will not just notice what is different, but will be come hungry for what we have:  Jesus!  We want people to see Jesus living in us and to share how He can make them into new people who are forgiven and changed from the inside out.

    Perhaps this is what Casting Crowns had in mind when they sang “Only Jesus.”

    The only lasting legacy that we can leave for others is “Only Jesus.”  It doesn’t matter is a person that we introduce to Jesus ever remembers our name.  What matters is that he or she experiences the cleansing and rejuvenation of the Holy Spirit as a result of our sharing Jesus and showing them the way to know Him.

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