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  • Hallelujah, What a Savior!

    “What a Savior” sung by Laura Story

    This song reflects the reaction that we have when we think about who Jesus is, His love for us, and all that He has done for us.  We can’t help but feel a sense of wonder when we consider that the great Creator of the universe was willing to come here as a person and give all for each one of us.

    A “Hallelujah” rises up inside of us when we realize how great He is and how He responds to our desire for Him.  Did you ever have a hallelujah just burst out of you before you even thought about what you were saying?  It happens to me.   In amazement, I can’t help but think, “What a Savior!”

    Jesus You are stronger
    More than any other
    Hallelujah what a savior
    Jesus You are higher
    My soul´s deepest desire
    Hallelujah You are savior



    A Shepherd King –  What an amazing thought!

    John 10:14-15  I am the good shepherd. As the Father knows me and I know the Father, in the same way I know my sheep and they know me. And I am willing to die for them.  GNT

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